Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am starting a coalition

Our purpose is to perform rescue missions in the most desperate parts of the world while using non-lethal tactics to rescue both victims and enemy combatants.  All individuals rescued will be relocated to education camps and taught to sustain themselves and live happily in peace.

All human beings are equal and are only a reflection of their initial potential and surrounding environment.  By this belief, all people are innocent, regardless of their actions, and deserve the Dignity offered to any human being.  Dignity includes: Learning Empathy.  Being included in a positive community whose individuals carry the best interests of the community in their hearts.  Access to all of the general knowledge of the world.  The ability to sustain one's self and follow personal desires through personal labor.  Safety and aid in recovery from Harm.

Help is required where help is most needed, thus, our target is where we can safely rescue as many innocents as possible from the worst conditions imaginable.  The worst condition for a human being is the most extreme opposite of Dignity and is Slavery.

Because no human is better than any other, there is no excuse for conducting lethal warfare, however, we are in a technological era where non-lethal warfare can be conducted with extreme effectiveness, especially when matched against antiquated technologies.

Our fighting force will consist of minimal expertly trained individuals who specialize in cooperative, non-lethal, guerrilla style assaults, however, every type of person is needed in our coalition, from activists and bloggers to zoologists.

The education camps for the rescued innocents will be located on farm covered ships that our coalition produces.  This is done because no country will accept our refugees, nor are the citizens of any country that currently exists truly Dignified as fellow human beings.  Our ships are designed to last over 60 years, utilize solar, wind, and water energy for daily human needs, and run their propulsion engines off of biodiesel created from bio-waste.

If you wish to join the coalition, then simply let it be known, and you have joined.  We have no secrets.  The simple act of you telling a person that you have joined this coalition does work to promote the ideals of this coalition.  Anything that you can do that helps is helping.  If you wish to contact me or any other person, then do so; if you wish to post a reply here, then do so; for in my eyes, you are free.